AVMA 2014-2015 Future Leaders

A wellness resource at www.avma.org/wellness, featuring a self-assessment, podcasts, and other tools, was developed by this team of Future Leaders in response to a need for raising awareness among veterinarians about compassion fatigue, burnout, and other stressors in the work place that can be prevented or eased with the right actions. As one of our Future Leaders Dr. Caitlin DeWilde said, "This topic is unfortunately long overdue for discussion. Perpetually putting our patients first, veterinarians have seen animal wellness initiatives grow in recent years…Take a few minutes to educate yourself and your staff about the issues that are affecting your workplace, and find ways to be well."

Learn more about the 2014-2015 class of Future Leaders in this video.


Dr. Erin Brannick
Newark, DE


Dr. Caitlin DeWilde
St. Louis, MO
Companion animal practice & social media consulting


Dr. Erin Frey
Raleigh, NC
Companion animal practice


Dr. Tracy Gluckman
Chicago, IL
Academia/Laboratory animal medicine


Dr. Kris Helke
Charleston, SC
Academia/Medical school


Dr. Jeremy Keen
Jackson, TN
Companion animal practice


Dr. Michelle Larsen
Phoenix, AZ
Companion animal emergency practice & industry


Dr. Stephanie L. Mont
San Antonio, TX
U.S. Army Veterinary Corps


Dr. Matthew D. Rosenbaum
Germantown, TN
Laboratory Animal Medicine


Dr. Julie Stafford
John Day, OR
Mixed animal practice