Send Unused Journals, Textbooks, Supplies on a Trip Abroad

These resources priceless to foreign veterinarians, students in need

February 2015
If the shelves and cabinets, back rooms, and offices at your veterinary clinic are crammed with unused textbooks, journals, instruments, equipment, and supplies, consider donating them to veterinarians and students in foreign countries where they are needed.
The AVMA often receives calls from people interested in donating such items. The groups and individuals listed here collect for the countries specified. These donations may be tax-deductible if given to a qualified nonprofit organization, using IRS form 8283, "Noncash Charitable Contributions." Or consult a tax expert.
Medical Books for China International accepts veterinary and other medical textbooks and journals, but they must have been published or produced within the past 10 years. Working through the Chinese Ministry of Health, the organization serves over a thousand libraries in China. Contact Mary Zoe Phillips, 13021 E. Florence Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-4505; phone, (562) 946-8774; fax, (562) 946-8778;
Dr. Srinivasan Ramanathan and other Indian veterinarians practicing in America have established a veterinary college at Jaipur, in northern India near New Delhi, and travel there to help. They welcome donations of items they can bring for the students to study large and small animal medicine, especially teaching materials in large animal medicine and farm, zoo, and exotic animal husbandry and management areas. That includes textbooks (but not journals), clinical data, proceedings, husbandry materials, and data stored on computer disks. Also needed are ultrasound machines, endoscopy units, surgical/orthopedic instruments, and audiovisual material. Contact Dr. Ramanathan at  (91) 8003880544 or (91) 8003885544; or;
Patricia Haas Aldering coordinates donations of textbooks, journals, surgical instruments, and miscellaneous veterinary supplies for International Veterinary Educational Assistance, for Baltic countries. Books must have been published no earlier than 2005 and journals no earlier than 2010. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information, including shipping options and possible reimbursement of associated costs (only on equipment and supplies), contact Patricia, P.O. Box 176, Oshtemo, MI 49077; phone, (269) 381-5117;
The Education and Research Committee of Usmanu Danfodiyo University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Nigeria requests donations and subscriptions of books, journals, publications, illustration posters and models, CD-ROMs, and other interactive learning materials. The committee's educational program would also welcome computers and laboratory/diagnostic materials. Items should be sent to the program's coordinator, Dr. Aminu Shittu, c/o Department of Public Health and Animal Production, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, P.M.B 2254, Sokoto, Nigeria; phone, (234) 803-6857-519;
Dr. I.H. Kathio accepts donations of textbooks and journals as well as items such as surgical instruments and suture materials to take to Pakistan. He has also traveled to other countries, including Mexico and Israel, at their request to do volunteer work. Contact Dr. Kathio at Pittston Animal Hospital, 4 O'Connell St., Pittston, PA 18640; phone, (570) 655-2412;
Dr. Cirilo Reyes Jr. collects veterinary, medical, and husbandry books, conference proceedings, sample veterinary board examination questions, and animal industry trade journals to be sent to veterinary schools and colleges in the Philippines. Books published between 1980 to the present and journals published within the last five years are preferred. Also needed are microscopes and surgical materials. Contact Dr. Reyes at 1330 N. Pershing Ave., Liberal, KS 67901; phone, (620) 544-5747;
Dr. Said Gul Safi, president and program manager of the Afghanistan Veterinary Association, welcomes donations of veterinary textbooks, journals, surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies. Contact Dr. Safi at Badam Bagh, District-17, Kabul City, Afghanistan; phone, (93) 7008-78044;
The Tanzania Animal Welfare Society in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, accepts donations of veterinary textbooks, journals, surgical instruments, examination tables, cages, laptops and projectors, suture materials, and miscellaneous veterinary supplies. Contact Dr. Thomas W. Kahema, Executive Director, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society, P.O. Box 10268, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; phone, (255) 713 322796;;
Project V.E.T.S. collects veterinary equipment, technology, supplies, and textbooks published within the past 10 years, for donation to veterinarians worldwide who work for nonprofit organizations or nongovernmental organizations dedicated to improving animal health and welfare. Contact Dr. Candy S. Brad, Project V.E.T.S., 1630A 30th St. #256, Boulder, CO 80301; phone, (303) 819-2501;;
Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety welcomes donations of portable x-ray machines and cassettes, dental equipment, IV catheters, sutures and inductions, medications suitable for small animal surgery, used but functional surgical instruments, a centrifuge, rechargeable clippers, disposable or cotton drapes, autoclave tape, scalpel blades, microchips and chip readers, ID collars, and collapsible dog cages. The organization provides free veterinary care for Peru's Amazon River Basin, hosts spay-neuter clinics throughout the region, and is home to the region's only no-kill animal shelter. Amazon CARES is a 501(c)3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. Contact Tanith Lesle Pena Araujo, Direccion: Moore 166, Iquitos, Peru; phone, (51) 965801794, (51) 965020895;;
Silent Heroes Foundation requests donations of veterinary, public health, and environmental textbooks and miscellaneous veterinary supplies, including surgical and diagnostic instruments and equipment, bandage materials, and expired medications. The foundation supports one-health projects in sub-Saharan Africa, including research projects; veterinary care for endangered species; and domestic animal veterinary care. It also supports the education of students at several veterinary schools and colleges in Africa and has a veterinary student externship program. The foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-exempt, and donors will be provided a tax receipt. Items should be sent to Dr. Hayley R. Adams, Director of Operations, Silent Heroes Foundation, 1 Retreat Place, Retreat Village, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522; phone, (706) 761-3793;;
The Big Fix Uganda is seeking donations of veterinary textbooks and journals (published within the past 10 years), surgical instruments, crates and cages, suture materials, and miscellaneous veterinary supplies. A project of the Central Valley Coalition for Animals, a 501(c)(3) organization in California, The Big Fix Uganda provides free veterinary services, including spay/castration procedures, and animal welfare education in Uganda's most impoverished villages. A donation receipt will be provided. Contact Sarah Schmidt, Project Coordinator, 8927 Sherman Valley Road S.W., Olympia, WA 98512; phone, (360) 943-9891;;
The Nam Binh Veterinary Clinic, a small animal practice in Vung Tau,Vietnam, seeks donations of a portable ultrasound machine for house calls to low-income clientele. The machine should be small enough to be transported via motorcycle and have replacement parts available, if needed. Also sought are basic surgical instruments, battery-powered headlamps, and orthopedic appliances and supplies. Contact Rolland Arnold, 36 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St., Ward 4, Vung Tau, Vietnam; phone, (916) 235-0931;
The Loibosoit Training Institute, a vocational school in Arusha, Tanzania, is seeking donations of veterinary and science-related textbooks. Contact Tadeus Orpiyai, P.O. Box 3060, Arusha, Tanzania; phone, (255) 757-691588;