Membership Benefits

AVMA Membership Benefits, Programs, Resources and Services

The AVMA provides a number of tangible benefits to its members, including information resources, continuing education opportunities, quality publications, and discounts on personal and professional products, programs and services.

AVMA also provides many important intangible benefits to its members...such as state and federal advocacy that helps provide a better legislative and regulatory environment for the profession, opportunities to address issues and affect policy that govern the profession and the practice of veterinary medicine, professional fellowship and contacts that enhance growth and experience, and providing a platform for the profession for a collective, organized voice on a national level...that often prove to be most valuable, over time.

How the AVMA meets the needs of veterinary profession

AVMA volunteer leadership and governance — including councils, committees, House of Delegates and Board of Directors — identify and anticipate the needs of the veterinary profession. This includes recommending and implementing programs, services, policies and guidelines to meet the needs of veterinarians throughout the country. AVMA staff carry out the day-to-day business of the association by implementing the decisions made by the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. AVMA members are encouraged to share their concerns and opinions on issues important to them with leadership volunteers at all levels of the Association. Here are some of the ways that the AVMA works for you:

Legislative advocacy
The AVMA is a legislative advocate, as well as an informational and advisory resource to government agencies and other organizations on issues related to veterinary drugs and biologics, zoonotic disease control, food safety and other issues related to animal and human health.

Setting standards for quality veterinary medical education
The AVMA accredits medical veterinary colleges and sets standards for medical veterinary education, including those related to foreign veterinary graduates, veterinary technicians and veterinary specialties. See our Center for Veterinary Education Accreditation (CVEA) page for more information.

Setting standards for veterinary practice
The AVMA represents the interests of private practitioners and works to develop strategies for delivery of high quality veterinary services. The AVMA also provides guidelines for veterinary medical and professional ethics in all areas of veterinary medicine.

Public relations
The AVMA supports activities and projects to improve relationships between the veterinary profession and the public and educates the public on the diverse and important role of veterinarians in animal and human health and safety.

Supporting scientific research
AVMA promotes and supports scientific investigation and research in all areas of veterinary medicine.

AVMA Emergency Preparedness
The AVMA offers disaster preparedness and response resources to provide detailed information for you, your staff, your clients and your community.

Wellness programs, information and resources
The AVMA provides guidance and fosters wellness programs to be implemented by state and local veterinary associations. The AVMA also makes available to members (free or for a nominal fee) wellness education materials, including "Model Programs to Assist Chemically Impaired Individuals," the "Wellness Report," and "Intervention: How to Help Someone Who Doesn't Want Help." See our pages on Peer Assistance and Wellness for more information.

Informational and educational publications and resources

In today's rapidly growing information age, veterinarians need reliable information — education, knowledge, and skills — to help them meet their professional needs. Members can trust the AVMA to provide timely and reliable access to information important to the veterinary medical profession. The AVMA offers its members numerous publications and informational resources, either free or at reduced rates, to help veterinarians meet new professional challenges.

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AVMA Journals
Members receive a free subscription to either the Journal of the AVMA (JAVMA) or the American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR). For a nominal fee, members can receive both AVMA journals, including online access to both journals.

Journal of the AVMA - JAVMA
JAVMA is published twice monthly and is a peer-reviewed, general scientific journal that keeps members up to date through a wide variety of scientific and clinical articles, regularly featured columns and news of the profession. JAVMA also publishes classified ads and notices of upcoming examinations. Members can access JAVMA News​ and classified ads on the AVMA's Web site 10 to 14 days before print publication. JAVMA full-text articles are available to JAVMA subscribers online beginning with the January 1, 2000 issue.

American Journal of Veterinary Research - AJVR and AJVR online
AJVR has served the veterinary and biomedical professions since 1940, providing news of interest to researchers and to the veterinary medical profession, as well as peer-reviewed reports of applied research in veterinary medicine and associated biological sciences. AJVR is also available online. AJVR full-text articles are available to AJVR subscribers online beginning with the January 2000 issue. The online format provides easy access, timesaving search capability and unbeatable navigation so you can easily find the information you're seeking.

Searchable Online Member Directory
Stay in touch with your colleagues and classmates through our online member directory, accessible only to members.

AVMA Discussion Groups
Join your colleagues in moderated discussions on all aspects of veterinary practice. Available exclusively to AVMA members. See our Discussion Groups for more information.

AVMA Veterinary Career Center
The AVMA Veterinary Career Center (VCC) can help you find the job opportunities you are seeking, helping you make the right connection with confidentiality. Visit the AVMA Veterinary Career Center for more information.

Economic and Demographic Reports
The AVMA conducts economic and demographic studies of the veterinary profession and related industries to help its members make informed business decisions. See market research statistics for more economic and demographic information.

Staff Training Resources
Members can learn how to help veterinary clinical staff improve service and communication, as well as sharpen their own staff management skills that are essential for attracting and retaining clients in today's ever-changing business environment. For more information, see our listing of Client Service Handbooks.

Zoonosis Updates
In today's world, information on zoonotic diseases help veterinarians serve as critical resources for scientific information on bioterrorism and disease surveillance. For more information on Anthrax, Rabies, Plague and other important diseases, see our complete listing of Zoonosis Updates.

Scientific reference materials and professional issue position papers
These important resources help veterinarians clarify issues and understand the choices available to them. They include:

Telephone hold messages
The AVMA has created professionally produced hold messages for use in your practice. Topics differ from month to month, and each message is designed to enhance client loyalty and drive traffic to your business. Available to members only. Download these messages for free in both MP3 format and wav files.

AVMA Educational Events

AVMA members can attend the AVMA Annual Convention at reduced registration fees. Notes and proceedings are also available to members free or at reduced rates.

AVMA Annual Convention
The 2016 AVMA Annual Convention (August 5-9) will be held in San Antonio, and will offer exciting and valuable educational sessions, special events, exhibits and networking opportunities.