Recent Graduate Benefits

Early Career Online Community - This Facebook group, open only to AVMA members who have graduated in the past five years, lets recent grads connect with each other to provide advice and support with issues faced during the transition from veterinary student to working veterinarian. We also host an online expert on a different topic (such as veterinary economics, wellness, leadership, and more) almost every month.

Early Career Online Community

New in 2017! 4th Year Veterinary students graduating in 2017 will have the opportunity to join the ECOC starting in January! Simply request to become a member and an ECOC committee member will confirm your graduation information.


New Graduate Salary Worksheet - This PDF worksheet, available only to AVMA and SAVMA members, was developed by the AVMA to help you establish a starting point for your own salary negotiations. It is a predictive tool that provides the average starting salary for specific segments of the profession, using values for gender, practice type, region, and debt load that were found to be statistically significant predictors. The worksheet does not provide a guaranteed or recommended salary for individual veterinarians, but can help you identify a baseline to start your negotiations. Just download the PDF and follow the flow-chart steps as directed.


Simple Answers to Tough QuestionsSimple Answers to Tough Questions - The start of your new career as a veterinarian can be filled with anxiety, and you might find yourself with questions that never arose in your schooling. This video series, created by some of our young AVMA member veterinarians, answers the questions you might be too afraid to ask your boss or colleagues.


Job Seekers Resources

Veterinary Career Center - Search jobs, post your resume, and view tips for job-seekers 

Leadership Toolkit for Veterinarians - Build the skills needed to be a leader in your workplace, society, and organized veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Career Transitions Resources - Find out more about career options that exist for veterinarians, how to assess what kind of careers are a good fit for you, and translate what you do into other career settings.


AVMA PLIT - You’ve worked hard to get here, and the AVMA PLIT is honored to support you as you begin your career!  Your assets (and future assets) will be covered with an individual professional liability policy in your name through the AVMA PLIT-sponsored Program.  So whether you’re performing relief, emergency, or part-time work in addition to your main employment, you’ll have coverage that protects you wherever you practice.


AVMA LIFE - Need a life, disability, or other insurance policy?  The AVMA LIFE insurance plans have been chosen specifically for the unique needs of veterinarians - so you're ready for whatever life may bring!  The new AVMA LIFE C.A.R.E. Insurance Exchange and Marketplace is now available to aid you in finding the right health insurance policy for you.


Veterinarian and dog

Personal Financial Planning Tool - Reach your financial goals with the easy-to-use Personal Financial Planning Tool - track your expenses, plan for your future, and succeed!

  • Build a personalized budget based on your expenses and goals
  • Create a plan to pay off debt and student loans, while also saving for the future
  • Explore Scenario Mode to see how your budget would change based on income level and amount of debt
  •  View additional financial planning resources including the AVMA’s Veterinary Salary Calculator and many more


Check out testimonials from some of our recent graduate AVMA members:

"Membership in no other organization offers the same level of far-reaching benefits as the AVMA. In particular, the AVMA is dedicated to offering valuable resources and support to recent graduates, such as facilitating discussions with colleagues on the Early Career Online Community, access to financial planning tools like the Personal Financial Packet, and ability to review articles in the industry-standard text, JAVMA. As a member of the AVMA, I get far more value from my membership fees than in any other organization I've been involved with. Like their slogan says, 'We Are Veterinary Medicine' ".     -Dr. Will McCauley 

"The AVMA understands that recent graduates face unique challenges early in their career.  Understanding personal finance and developing a plan to manage our financial needs just became easier with the new Personal Financial Planning Tool.  This tool allows recent graduates to estimate their financial needs and plan how to repay debt while saving for the future.

The AVMA has created opportunities for early career veterinarians to develop their professional network and increase their involvement in organized veterinary medicine.  The Early Career Online Community brings together early career veterinarians from across the nation to discuss issues affecting them and provide real-time feedback to the AVMA.

The AVMA acts to advocate on behalf of the veterinary profession for federal legislative and regulatory issues. As an AVMA member, I have a voice in that advocacy."     -Dr. Kirk Breuninger 

"I have personally seen the dedication that the AVMA has to the profession as a whole and especially to the recent graduates.  The tools and online community organized by the AVMA help to smooth out the steep learning curve associated with leaving school.  They realize that the health of the whole profession is realized in those just starting out in their career."     -Dr. James Finlay


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