Lands' End

Larger orders should get bigger discounts, right?

We think so. Whether you're buying all the same product or a variety of merchandise (color, sizes and styles), we want to give you a break. In some cases, a huge break!


Here's how it works.

Spend more. Save more.

  • $10,000-$19,999 = Save 12%
  • $20,000-$29,999 = Save 15%
  • $30,000-$49,999 = Save 18%
  • $50,000-$100,000 = Save 20%
  • $100,000+ = Call for quote

Volume Discount Details:

  • Discount is for product only (does not apply to applicable fees, taxes, shipping & handling costs or sale prices)
  • Discount is for large single orders only
  • You can order a variety of styles and colors, not just one
  • You must order by phone to receive an extended discount. Does not apply to internet orders.