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VMA executive directors attend AVMA orientation

(17 September 2015)

AVMA staff welcomed executives of 10 veterinary medical associations to an orientation at the AVMA headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. This was the 10th time the orientation program was presented to executive directors of organizations represented in the AVMA House of Delegates. [more]

Using Facebook to build community

(17 September 2015)

Facebook is a great tool for veterinary practices and associations to engage with clients (or members) and the public in a more personal, fun and conversational tone. It’s great for community building, and lets you show a more human side. [more]

AVMA shapes new, simpler animal vaccine labels

(16 September 2015)

Thanks to the work of AVMA volunteers, the efficacy claims on vaccine labels are going to become much simpler with the adoption of a new USDA rule. [more]

New pharmacy communication resources

(17 August 2015)

AVMA developed several resources designed to assist veterinarians in improving the safety of prescriptions, educating clients on the importance of correctly filled prescriptions, and communicating professionally with pharmacists. [more]

AVMA offers veterinarians online reputation management resources

(17 August 2015)

How do you protect your online reputation and prevent or mitigate attacks? It’s not as hard or time-consuming as it may seem. [more]

AVMA weighs in on FDA compounding guidance

(17 August 2015)

The message from our members has been loud and clear: compounding is a necessary practice because there are, and always will be, a limited number of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drug products for the many species and conditions that they treat. [more]

Veterinary prescription mandate bill resurfaces

(17 August 2015)

The alleged "Fairness to Pet Owners Act" reared its head again recently when Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) reintroduced the bill in the U.S. House. Though it has been introduced and failed in Congress twice in the past, this time it may have legs. [more]

AVMA requests compounding comment period extension; needs critical input from veterinarians

(18 June 2015)

After reviewing the FDA’s draft guidance for the preparation of compounds from bulk active ingredients, the AVMA has requested the FDA extend the comment period to provide ample time for us to work with our members to formulate a comprehensive response [more​]

FTC releases report on consumer protection issues within pet meds industry​

(18 June 2015)

After more than two years of analysis, the Federal Trade Commission published a much-awaited report on the pet medications industry. [more]

Final rule issued on antibiotics use in food animals​

(10 June 2015)​

A long-awaited federal rule governing how medically important antibiotics can be used in food animals was released on June 3, 2015. [more]

AVMA Convention 2015: Business meeting agenda

(18 May 2015)

As state and allied VMA executives and officers make their plans to attend the AVMA annual convention and related meetings in Boston, please see the tentative schedule for business meetings such as HOD and various caucuses. [more]

Back at it again: Congress introduces sweeping prescription mandate for veterinarians?

(8 May 2015)

Here we go again—the so-called Fairness to Pet Owners Act (S. 1200) has once again been reintroduced. [more]

AVMA announces winners of animal law writing contest

(8 May 2015)

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the first annual Animal Law Writing Contest, a program designed to encourage law students to discuss and debate legal issues related to animals and animal law. [more]

April AVMA Board of Directors meeting wrap-up

(15 April 2015)

The AVMA Board of Directors held its spring meeting on April 9-11, 2015. In all, the board took several actions of potential interest to state and allied VMAs. [more]

Agreement in Idaho on non-profit, subsidized care

(6 April 2015)

The Idaho Veterinary Medical Association and Idaho Humane Society announced an agreement regarding the latter’s ongoing role in providing veterinary care as a charitable organization in the community. [more]

Ensuring all attendees are welcome at the 2017 AVMA Convention in Indianapolis?

(3 April 2015)

The recent law passed in the state of Indiana regarding religious freedom has sparked an outcry and has raised concerns for us regarding teh AVMA 2017 annual convention, scheduled July 21-25, 2017, in Indianapolis. [more]

Federal court upholds physical exam requirement?

(3 April 2015)

A federal court found that Texas’ requirement that veterinarians must conduct a physical examination of an animal or its premises before they can practice veterinary medicine with respect to that animal does not violate the Constitution. [more]

AVMA expands student support

(18 March 2015)

The AVMA is excited to announce the expansion of its student initiatives. In order to enhance support of veterinary students and SAVMA, as well as interns, residents and pre-veterinary students, the AVMA added two veterinarians to its staff. [more]

State licensing boards subject to FTC antitrust jurisdiction?

(1 March 2015)

In a case that will impact state veterinary licensing boards, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the FTC has jurisdiction over a state dental board's action to exclude non-dentists from the market for teeth whitening services. [more]

Speak with your clients…about declawing?

(1 March 2015)

Your state or local government may be considering measures to restrict declawing of domestic cats, which is a controversial topic in companion animal medicine. The AVMA recently created a convenient handout for cat owners who are considering having their cats declawed. [more]

Anti-vaccination movement and pet health

(6 February 2015)

There’s been a lot of media attention to the anti-vaccination movement, particularly its role in the ongoing measles outbreak in the U.S. [more]

Cooperative effort between AVMA Economics and VMAs

(5 February 2015)

AVMA's Economics Division (AVMA ECON) has begun to work with specific VMAs to assist in the development of data collection and analysis of the information required to develop specific workforce models for states and specific markets for veterinarians. [more]

Changing the rules for pharmacy

(October 15, 2014)

Did you miss the recent AVMA Public Policy Symposium? If so, read a summary of the two sessions on various pharmacy issues. [more]

Finding a way forward with nonprofit service providers

(15 October 2014)

Did you miss the recent AVMA Public Policy Symposium? If so, read a summary of the session on nonprofit providers delivering veterinary services. [more]

What does the DEA’s final disposal rule mean for veterinary practices?

(1 October 2014)

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) final rule, published 9/9/2014 and effective 10/9/2014, will establish more options for the secure disposal of controlled substances by practitioners and their clients. [more]