Web conference examines canine and feline preventive health care

Posted 16 November 2011

The Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare (PPPH) is sponsoring a special web conference titled From Guidelines to Healthier Patients: AAHA-AVMA Canine & Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines.

The program is designed to help veterinarians to better:

  • Understand the AAHA/AVMA Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines
  • Implement the Preventive Healthcare Guidelines in their practice
  • Educate clients about preventive healthcare for their pets
  • Make feline preventive care visits less stressful for cats and their owners

The conference may be accesses during the period of Monday, December 5 - Sunday, December 18, 2011.

To register, call AAHA's Member Service Center at 800-883-6301 or click this link: https://www.aahanet.org/Education/WebConference.aspx?key=8B823312-A230-46FE-9C81-340303EA90DC

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