State veterinary shortage nominations due by March 10

​The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is soliciting nominations of veterinary service shortage situations for the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP) for fiscal year 2014, as authorized under federal law. On January 9, 2014, the Federal Register published a notice to solicit veterinary shortage nominations from State Animal Health Officials (SAHOs) for the 2014 VMLRP program cycle. For a PDF version of the notice, click on the link below.

Shortage situation nominations, both new and carry-over, must be submitted on or before March 10, 2014 by email attachment on the form (same as last year) provided. Maximum number of nominations for each state remains the same as prior years (see website for your state's maximum number of nomination.)

As in the past, carry-over nominations, which require no further merit review for inclusion on the 2014 veterinary shortage map, must be copied and pasted without change of content from last year into a new shortage form to which the current year submission date will be applied as well as any changes in the name of the SAHO making the submission. As is current practice, new shortage nominations submitted by SAHOs will undergo merit review and be officially designated and posted to the map if approved by the external panel of experts convened by NIFA in March. We anticipate 2014 shortage maps will be posted in April.

SAHOs are asked to indicate which are carry-over and which are new shortage nominations in the body of the submission email.

In determining 2014 shortage priorities, SAHOs are encouraged to review the historical shortage maps available for viewing under the SAHO daughter page at to determine whether areas previously indicated as filled by prior awardees may no longer be filled, e.g., due either to expiration of the three-year  contract period (this has just occurred for the 2010 awardee cohort, except for the few who won renewal), or to early termination of the award.  The latter has occurred in a small number of cases, typically related to extenuating circumstances. Vacated shortage areas may therefore once again become candidate shortages situations depending on priorities established by each SAHO in his/her state for 2014-2016.

Questions and comments may be sent or you may contact Dr. Gary B Sherman, National Program Leader, Veterinary Science, USDA-National Institute of Food & Agriculture, Institute of Food Production & Sustainability,
Waterfront Centre, Rm 3131, 800 9th St SW, Washington D.C. 20024, Email:, tel. 202-401-4952