New resources help veterinarians go green and handle waste disposal

Posted 20 April 2011

Veterinarians can play a critical role in preserving the health of our ecosystem. The AVMA recently posted information on its Web site to assist veterinary practices in making environmental improvements, or becoming "more green," including drug and biohazard disposal, waste management issues, and energy conservation efforts.

A separate area of the Web site is dedicated to waste disposal in particular. Do you dispose of an unflushed chemotherapy line the same way you dispose of sharps? Well, you shouldn't. Waste disposal is complex, regulated on the local, state and national levels, and there's often more than one agency involved. Curious? Confused?

For answers, look no further than the AVMA Waste Disposal pages for guidance and resources on how you can compile a list of hazardous wastes generated by your clinic; information regarding the OSHA-required Hazard Communication Plan; state waste disposal programs; guidance on proper disposal of all types of waste generated by veterinary practices; compliance and training resources; and the answers to many of your frequently asked questions. Although many of the resources are open-access, the most valuable content is only available to AVMA members.

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