NAVMEC report comments accepted through February 28, 2011

Posted 15 December 2010

The North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium (NAVMEC) has completed a draft report of recommendations for veterinary medicine and education, entitled "Roadmap for Veterinary Medical Education in the 21st Century: Responsive, Collaborative, Flexible." It's available for public review at:, and NAVMEC is seeking comments on the report.

This report follows three national meetings of over 200 veterinary leaders held earlier this year to discuss veterinary education and the future of the profession. These NAVMEC meetings were organized by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) and supported by several groups, including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

The report is already being used by veterinary schools across the country as they consider changes to improve their programs. The NAVMEC initiative strives to answer a number of questions: what are the critical needs of society in the 21st Century that the profession must be prepared to meet; what are the core competencies that veterinarians must have in the future; what is the best way to educate veterinary students; and how can all aspects of veterinary education—from academia to accrediting bodies and licensing organizations—work together most effectively?

The NAVMEC draft report and recommendations can be accessed on NAVMEC's website at, and the NAVMEC Report Feedback Form can also be found on that site as well. The report is also available via email and in hard copy. This consultative period will conclude February 28, 2011, and the revised report is expected to be approved by the AAVMC in March 2011.

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