Documenting unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine

Posted 5 April 2012

Are your members seeing an increase in unauthorized and illegal practice by unlicensed individuals? The AVMA developed a form that allows veterinarians to provide AVMA with reports of incidents of unauthorized practice that may be harmful to animals (e.g. area such as alternative therapies, teeth floating, reproductive management). The downloadable form is found on the AVMA website. After filing it out, the form is emailed to the AVMA State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department. Instructions are included in the form itself.

The information collected will be used solely to provide quantitative data to legislative and regulatory bodies that such practices are occurring and that animals are being harmed as a result. Because the AVMA cannot use this information to file actual complaints, the form encourages reporting veterinarians who witness a violation of law to report the incident to the appropriate authorities in their state.

Please let veterinarians in your associations know about the availability of this important advocacy tool. Thank you.

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