Cooperative effort between AVMA Economics and VMAs

​AVMA’s Economics Division (AVMA ECON) has begun to work with specific VMAs to assist in the development of data collection and analysis of the information required to develop specific workforce models for states and specific markets for veterinarians.  This year we have engaged Indiana Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine.   With respect to a specific VMA, AVMA ECON would like to understand the questions that may be specific to this segment of veterinary profession and develop a process for the continued assessment of each of these VMAs.

Our goal is to develop the market for veterinarians and the market for veterinary services for each type of practice and within each state. The national effort is more robust when aggregating markets to the national level, rather than estimating the national models and attempting to disaggregate to the individual market (state or practice type).

The AVMA’s timetable for its surveys to obtain information on various veterinary markets is as follows:
Jan 2015 – Employment Survey
March 2015 – Senior Survey
May 2015– Compensation Survey
July 2015– Capacity Survey
The Employment Survey is used to capture information important to the market for veterinarians, specifically, the inflow and outflow of veterinarians in the market. The survey includes measures for employment location, type and compensation (inflow), unemployment, underemployment, injury, retirement, illness, and time away from practice such as maternity leave (outflow).
The Senior Survey is used to capture information about entrants to the market for veterinarians, specifically income and debt.
The Compensation Survey is used to determine the demand for veterinarians and we would like to adjust this survey to get at the cost of providing veterinary services.
The Capacity Survey is used to determine the level of capacity utilization in clinical practices and the factors that influence the level of utilization.
In working with any state or allied VMA, we would like to have the following arrangement:
  • AVMA ECON will provide the survey instrument and assist with developing/changing the existing questions to best target the specific group;
  • VMA will provide questions and input on changes necessary for survey to collect the best information about the specific segment of the profession;
  • VMA will provide sample frame for respondents (emails for an email survey or addresses for a mail out survey);
  • AVMA will field the survey, collect the responses, tabulate and analyze the data and supply the VMA with the analysis; and
  • AVMA will assist the VMA in developing a report of findings and VMA will be responsible for the outreach effort to VMAs members.
AVMA ECON would like to understand why the VMA wishes to do the study and how they plan to use and disseminate the results of the study. We would also like to have a written assessment of the process and products.

Cost of Service

The cost of doing the workforce studies may be prohibitive for each of the VMAs independently but by inclusion in the larger effort, AVMA ECON can provide the service at a fraction of the cost. Our estimate is that the cost will be in the $10,000 to $25,000 range for the type of work we are currently doing. We will have a better estimate of the costs next year after we complete several of the projects.

Data and Analysis

AVMA ECON will collect, analyze and summarize the results.  All of the work will be owned by AVMA, be made available to the participating VMA.

Action Needed

If your VMA would like to participate in this effort, please contact Eileen Hoblit (  Although we have a limited amount of resources to devote to this effort, we will attempt to work with all the VMAs that respond. We would like to begin to talk with you so that we can begin to include your VMA in our research efforts and accommodate your data and analytic needs.