AVMA releases its national state legislative issues

Posted 3 May 2010

 The State Advocacy Committee is pleased to submit for consideration of state veterinary medical associations (VMAs) the AVMA's National State Legislative Issues list, a document the committee prepared as part of its charge to collaborate with constituent organizations to scan emerging issues and assess needs regarding state legislative and regulatory affairs.

This list was developed from the perspective of "what positive changes might occur if public policy connected to veterinary medicine was more consistent from state to state?" – creating, in essence, a coordinated and comprehensive national agenda for state legislative action. The agenda consists of action items that state VMAs could pursue, consistent with AVMA policy or positions taken on similar federal legislation. These issues were also selected as relevant currently.

We hope that this guidance will assist VMAs with their advocacy planning. State VMAs are the entities best able to implement these suggestions, and, as in the past, AVMA stands ready to assist them with individual legislative and regulatory activities that would advance these goals.

 See all state legislation and advocacy items