AVMA adds new online resources for state advocacy

Posted 2 December 2010


We want to bring to your attention several new resources recently added to the AVMA Web site relating to state advocacy:

  • A summary and table describing the requirement under state law for a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship before a veterinarian may write a prescription or dispense a prescription drug.
  • http://www.avma.org/advocacy/state/issues/VCPR_and_prescriptions.aspx

  • The "Bill of the Week" is a new feature in AVMA@Work, an interactive resource on the AVMA Web site dedicated to a conversation on how the association works on behalf of veterinarians and advances the veterinary profession. The bill of the week will highlight noteworthy pieces of state legislation from across the country. The first entry was Michigan HB 6562, proposing to regulate large-scale commercial breeding kennels in that state.

AVMA@Work is organized by categories such as advocacy, animal welfare, education and student matters, policies and governance, veterinary economics and volunteering

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