AVMA Enhances Scope of Practice Resources

October 10, 2012
The resources on the AVMA website designed to assist VMAs with scope of practice issues now include sample surveys used by state VMAs in determining the prevalence of illegal or unauthorized practice, the availability of veterinarians to perform certain procedures and feedback from members on what positions the VMA should adopt in this area.
Also found on this part of the website are:
·         AVMA policies including the Model Veterinary Practice Act.
·         Charts comparing the education, training, certification and regulatory oversight requirements of veterinarians with those of non-veterinarian providers in selected areas of practice.
·         Brochure developed by the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association to educate the public on the need for veterinary oversight for embryo transfer and pregnancy diagnosis procedures.
·         Summary of state statutory and regulatory provisions pertaining to penalties for the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.
·         Form (pdf) to report to AVMA information on incidents of unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine (designed to provide quantitative data to legislative and regulatory bodies).
In addition, the AVMA is maintaining sample legislative language pertaining to topics such as pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, equine dentistry, complementary and alternative therapies, and veterinary technicians and assistants. This bill language was adapted from actual laws in several states and has not been endorsed by AVMA. They are merely offered as examples upon request from VMAs.