One Health--Continuity of Effort

One Health — a New Professional Imperative
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Appendix B
Continuity of Effort:
The Formation of OHITF Teams

After the second OHITF meeting, the Task Force members strongly endorsed the idea of continuing activities that didn't require further funds but would add to the group's momentum and commitment to its One Health charge. Thus, five small work groups were established in order to continue our collective work and ensure that further progress was achieved.

The work groups consisted of:

(1) a Communications team was led by Dr. Carina Blackmore; this group worked on communication strategies, work with AVMA staff to help develop a tag line and considered future plans to prepare for the broader communication strategy that was part of the group's recommendationss

(2) a Business plan team was headed by Dr. Tom Monath; this group created a business plan that will be used as background information to approach potential donors and corporate entities in support of the OHITF recommendations

(3) a "Wise-Person" team was led by Dr. Bill Stokes. This team interviewed and engaged a number of individuals and organizations who had a special interest in One Health or who wished to be OHITF members but were not selected. The interviews added further insights and key perspectives that were considered by the TF as it formulated this Report and final set of recommendations

(4) an academic team was led by Dr. Marguerite Pappaioanou and this group focused on bringing the One Health concept to the attention of university communities

(5) a writing team was headed by Dr. Lonnie King; this team was responsible for writing the final Report and other articles of interest. This team worked closely with all members of the OHITF and a number of AVMA staff to complete the Report. The Wise-person team findings are listed in the appendix as is the Business Plan.