AVMA Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion

​As the AVMA Policy on Diversity and Inclusion states, the Association’s goal is for the veterinary profession to mirror the growing diversity of the communities served by AVMA members and to promote an understanding of these communities’ varied needs. The AVMA will work toward this goal by: 

  • Promoting and maintaining diversity in the membership of AVMA and in the governance structure and staff of the Association itself.
  • Educating AVMA members—by providing tools, suggested reading lists, online and in-person networking opportunities, and continuing education—regarding the value of diversity to AVMA members’ businesses and work places, and the role of diversity and inclusion in improving animal and human health and advancing the veterinary medical profession in an ever-changing world.
In 2006, the AVMA Task Force on Diversity submitted its final report, titled Unity Through Diversity. The AVMA Board of Directors has since initiated several of the recommendations outlined in that report in order to meet the goals articulated in the AVMA Policy on Diversity and Inclusion.