AVMA's Work on Veterinary Compounding Legislation

In late 2013, the AVMA was disappointed to see Congress pass and the president sign into law a bill, which mandated how compounding for human medicine will be regulated in the United States, but did not address the many concerns and issues facing veterinarians. Because of the many species that veterinarians treat, they must be able to have access to compounded medications in order to provide the best medical care to their animal patients. Earlier this year, however, some in Congress signaled their interest once again for introducing legislation that will address veterinarians' compounding needs and are seeking input from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and other stakeholders as to how this bill should be crafted.

AVMA's recently appointed Task Force on Veterinary Compounding Legislation will lead a national dialogue among veterinarians, pharmacists, drug manufacturers and the Food and Drug Administration with the goal of developing specific recommendations to present to the AVMA Board of Directors in the first half of 2016. The AVMA hopes this process will result in clearer guidelines and regulations for veterinarians as they look to provide safe medications and the best care for their patients.

Below you will find links to the latest news and resources on the legislative front. Be sure to check out AVMA's main compounding page for links to other advocacy efforts at the federal level, including letters sent to the FDA.


Latest News: