Utah - Animal Abuse Resources for Veterinarians

Last updated June 2015

The material provided below is a periodically updated summary. Legal requirement may change at any time so it is imperative that you follow the links provided to the current law or statute relating to animal abuse reporting by veterinarians. The absence of specific legal requirements or protections relating to veterinarians should not be taken as an exemption from the responsibility to report abuse which may exist under other non-veterinarian-specific legislation, regulations or professional guidelines. [Back to Map].

Covered person: licensed veterinarian requirement
Animal Abuse Reporting is: not specified
Reportable Offenses: cruelty
(58-28-602, 76-9-301)
Good Faith Reporting has: immunity
"immune from liability in any civil or criminal action" (58-28-602)
Report to: law enforcement or the proper authorities
Sources: Utah Code -- Title 58 -- Chapter 28 -- Veterinary Practice Act --Section 602

Utah Code --Title 76 --Chapter 9 --Section 301 Cruelty to animals.