AVMA Welfare Focus Newsletter - Upcoming Meetings May 2012

9 May 2012: AWIC Workshop Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act (Beltsville, MD)

14 May 2012: Animal Welfare: Ethical & Behavioral Questions (Aarhus, Denmark)

21 May 2012: Animal Care Expo (Las Vegas, Nevada)

5 June 2012: Third International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare (Saskatchewan, Canada)

21 June 2012: UFAW—Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science III (York, UK)

2 July 2012: International Course on Laboratory Animal Science (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

4 July 2012: Minding Animals Conference 2012 (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

15 July 2012: JAM—Joint Annual Meeting (Phoenix, Arizona)

31 July 2012: ISAE 2012: 46th International Congress--Quality of Life in Designed Environments (Vienna, Austria)

4 August 2012: AVMA Annual Convention (San Diego, California)

4 September 2012: 1st International Conference on Dog Population Management 2012 (York, UK)

18 September 2012: AABP Pre-Conference Farm Animal Welfare Seminar (Montreal, Canada)

24 October 2012: Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium (Ontario, Canada)

6 November 2012: Third OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare (Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia)

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