Use of Random-Source Dogs and Cats for Research, Testing, and Education

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The carefully controlled use of random-source dogs and cats contributes greatly to improving the health and welfare of both animals and human beings. Therefore, the AVMA believes there is ample justification for prudent and humane use of random-source dogs and cats in research, testing, and education, provided that:

  • The institution conducting such research, testing, or education has met all legal requirements and guidelines pertaining to the acquisition, care, and use of dogs and cats for these purposes;
  • The investigators have thoughtfully examined the need for such dogs and cats and have appropriately selected the species and carefully determined the number required to meet the needs of the protocol;
  • Adequate safeguards are used to ensure that only appropriately screened dogs and cats are obtained legally; and preventive measures are taken to optimize the health of dogs and cats used in research, testing, and education.
  • Class B dealers are used to obtain random-source dogs and cats only when viable alternatives do not exist; and
  • Alternative sources are explored and supported that will ultimately eliminate the need for Class B dealers as a source for random-source dogs and cats used in research, testing, and education.