Owner Consent in Veterinary Medicine

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The public is best served when veterinarians provide sufficient information in a form and manner that enables owners or their authorized agents to make appropriate decisions when choosing the veterinary care provided.

To the best of their ability and in a manner that would be understood by a reasonable person, veterinarians should inform animal owners or their authorized agents of the diagnostic and treatment options available. They should also provide an assessment of the risks and benefits of such choices, a prognosis, and a documented estimate of the fees expected for the provision of services. The owners or authorized agents should indicate that their questions have been answered to their satisfaction, the information received by them has been understood, and that they are consenting to the recommended treatments or procedures.

The consent of owners or authorized agents should be provided in a verbal or written form and should be documented in the medical record by veterinarians or their staff members.

Recognizing the complexities of veterinary practices, procedure specific forms may be indicated.