Guidelines for Veterinary Practice Facilities

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The AVMA considered establishing standards for veterinary practice facilities, and came to realize that specific requirements are difficult to define. The diverse types of practices, economic conditions, and facility requirements throughout the country preclude development of a single set of specific standards applicable to all practices.

As a result, the Association has listed 16 general guidelines that should be considered in development and operation of a veterinary practice facility. They are:

  1. Overall cleanliness and neatness of personnel and facilities.
  2. Adequate protection against dissemination of disease.
  3. Proper disposal of all waste material.
  4. Access to adequate equipment for generation of quality diagnostic images. Provide proper procedures and equipment to protect staff members from radiation exposure.
  5. Adequate ventilation and freedom from noxious odors.
  6. Freedom from noise pollution.
  7. Adequate restraint facilities that are humane in providing proper care to patients during all aspects of their visit.
  8. Availability of proper refrigeration and sterilization equipment.
  9. Facilities and equipment provided and properly maintained that are suitable for currently acceptable veterinary practice.
  10. Adequate and complete patient, personnel and financial records.
  11. Adequate personnel to provide proper veterinary care.
  12. Appropriate facilities and records for the proper storage and dispensing of drugs and supplies in compliance with federal and state laws.
  13. Proper equipment for anesthesia management and monitoring of patients under anesthesia.
  14. Provide laboratory services to assist with accurate diagnosis.
  15. Provide surgery in an aseptic environment with appropriate pre- and post- operative considerations.
  16. Provide a safe and healthy environment for clients, patients and staff that are in compliance with governmental jurisdictional entities such as but not limited to FDA, USDA, OSHA and EPA.