Use and Management of Email Addresses and Similar Electronic Communications Identifiers

The American Veterinary Medical Association recognizes that its members and other individuals related to the organization view their email addresses and other identifiers used in emerging electronic media (e.g. instant messaging) as valuable, personal assets. As such, they expect that when that identifier is provided to the Association, it is handled with care and protected from any uses that diminish its owner's perceived value.

In addition, the AVMA has a responsibility for maintaining the effectiveness of active electronic communications channels as they may become critical communications links during animal health and/or public health crises in the United States.

To meet the expectations of its members and maintain critical communications infrastructure, AVMA will use and manage the electronic identifiers, including email addresses, entrusted to it in the following ways.

  1. The Association's use of broadcast email and other mass, active, electronic channels will be end user-focused, with the aim to provide value as perceived by that end-user.
  2. AVMA will employ current industry best practices as they evolve, including compliance with all applicable laws, to ensure the highest level of effectiveness for the channel. This includes maintaining appropriate standards of privacy and security.
  3. A member will not receive broadcast email or other mass, active, electronic communication from the Association unless he or she has affirmatively expressed his or her agreement to receive that communication from the AVMA.
  4. By nature of their positions, AVMA volunteer leaders who provide email addresses to the Association will have provided, by default, their consent to receive broadcast email from the AVMA.
  5. Without specific consent from an individual member, AVMA may use broadcast email or other mass, active, electronic communication as a transactional means of seeking a member's agreement to receive this type of communication.
  6. AVMA will not sell, rent, or share email addresses or other electronic identifiers with outside entities. However, vendors, under the Association's direction, may receive email addresses or other electronic identifiers as part of the provision of service to the AVMA (e.g. broadcast email service providers sending email to the AVMA membership on the Association's behalf).
  7. At the discretion of the Executive Vice President, the AVMA may share email addresses with related entities (i.e. trusts, constituent groups, allied groups), provided those entities are able to, at minimum; maintain the same standards and practices as those employed by the AVMA. This may include integrated maintenance of communications preferences by end-users, data integrity standards, and choices of appropriate delivery vendors or software.
  8. In order to maintain compliance with constantly evolving laws, regulations and industry best practices, and to prevent the over saturation of these channels, the use of these channels will be centrally coordinated within the AVMA.
  9. Except as it relates to the selling, renting or sharing denoted in provision six (6) of this policy, under special circumstances and in order to support the mission of the AVMA to aid animal or human health or advance the veterinary profession, the Executive Vice President may override this policy.