Eligibility to Serve on Councils, Committees, and Task Forces after a Member's Professional Classification Changes

Entity members who change their professional classification (e.g., as a result of a change in type of employment or retirement) during their term of service on an AVMA council, committee, or task force should notify the staff consultant for the entity in writing, who will then notify the entity chair and the Office of the Executive Vice President.

Entity members who change their professional classification are eligible to continue to serve on those entities until their terms ends.

However, an entity member for whom representation is dependent on a specific professional classification (e.g., employment with a government agency or some other specific type of employer) and who serves as an important communications link between the entity and a specific agency or organization will be contacted by the entity chair to discuss whether the entity member will be able to satisfactorily continue representation. After consultation with the entity chair, the staff consultant for the entity, the Executive Board liaison for the entity, or some combination of these individuals, the entity member should decide whether he or she will be able to continue to provide satisfactory representation and, if not, whether he or she should resign from the entity.