Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Comment on this policy

A certificate of veterinary inspection is a legal regulatory document in which the attending veterinarian attests to the veracity of the information contained therein. The signing of a certificate of veterinary inspection without the following criteria being met may result in prosecution and/or the loss of licensure or accreditation:

  • The veterinarian signing the certificate has personally evaluated the animal(s).
  • To the best of the issuing veterinarian's knowledge the information and statements contained therein are accurate.
  • The certificate is substantially complete.

The act of pre-signing a certificate of veterinary inspection does not meet these criteria.

Furthermore, to have knowledge of falsification of such documents and not reporting such to the appropriate jurisdictional authority shall be considered an act of complicity.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to preclude the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction(s) which have statutory authority.

The AVMA supports the implementation of a uniform interstate livestock and companion animal Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

For a certificate of veterinary inspection for livestock, contact your state veterinarian.

The following is an AVMA Model Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for the Domestic Travel of Companion Animals (PDF)