Animals Used In Entertainment, Shows, and for Exhibition

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The AVMA supports the humane and ethical use of animals in spectator events, shows, exhibitions, motion pictures, and television in accord with existing federal, state, and local animal protection laws. Examples of such events include, but are not limited to, animal exhibitions, racing events, field trials, polo, rodeo, and the use of animals for any audiovisual media. The AVMA encourages all organizations involved in such events to develop and abide by guidelines or standards that ensure humane treatment, respect for the animal, appropriate veterinary care, and veterinary oversight of the animals before, during, and after use.

External third party review and assurance of animal welfare standards is recommended. Animal welfare guidelines and standards must prohibit the intentional injury or death, and seek to avoid the unintentional injury or death, of animals as a part of training or for any entertainment purposes. Similarly, activities that substantially compromise animal welfare should be prohibited. Such activities include handling and contact by the general public of animals that are ill, of unknown health status, or that are of a vulnerable age such as neonatal to juvenile nondomestic Carnivora and non-human primates.

Similarly, the AVMA condemns the fraudulent use of drugs and non-nutritive agents, as well as procedures intended to alter the performance, conformation, appearance, or other functions of animals in competition. The AVMA urges its members to promptly report such activities to the appropriate authorities.

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