AVMA Strategy Regarding Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria

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The AVMA's comprehensive science-based strategy of legislative, regulatory, and public education activities regarding antimicrobial resistant bacteria in animals and drug availability is as follows:

  1. Interaction of the Councils on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Service, Biologic and Therapeutic Agents, and Public Relations, Food Safety Advisory Committee and the Legislative Advisory Committee to define and pursue coordinated efforts towards additional research regarding the ecology of antimicrobial resistance.
  2. Risk/benefit assessments of the effects of antimicrobial use on animal health and welfare and public health to support translation of knowledge into sound management practices.
  3. A science-based education program to include:
    1. General consumer education about the value of antimicrobials in improving animal welfare and public health;
    2. Education of federal legislators and their staffs regarding the public and animal health aspects of antimicrobial drug availability; and
    3. Education of veterinarians, and through them their clients, practices to sustain drug efficacy, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, and the potential implications for trade.

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