AVMA Policy to Promote Veterinary Medical Research and Discovery

Comment on this policy

The AVMA recognizes that the veterinary medical profession is uniquely qualified to provide the highest quality science-based clinical services and is proud of the history of its members' efforts in providing safe and affordable food of animal origin, improving animal health and welfare, protecting and improving the environment, and advancing human health. However, the AVMA also recognizes that without vigorous veterinary medical research programs and a sustained infusion of new knowledge, the profession will be unable to continue to provide science-based education and clinical service to meet future societal needs.

The AVMA believes veterinary medical research is fundamental to the continued advancement of the veterinary profession. As such, the Association will support programs that emphasize research and science and will continue to encourage strong veterinary medical research programs at educational institutions through the research standard (Accreditation Standard 10) of the Council on Education. The AVMA also works through its Foundation (the American Veterinary Medical Foundation [AVMF]) to support the development of networks for research, including but not limited to academic institutions, private veterinary facilities, other non-exclusive veterinary research facilities and related organizations such as agriculture-related entities and research foundations.