AVMA Animal Hospital Video Game

Test Your Veterinary Skills with AVMA Animal Hospital

AVMA Animal Hospital is a time management game where you get to be the veterinarian.

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How to play

Start out as New Veterinarian and work your way up the ranks to become Chief Veterinarian of AVMA Animal Hospital. Check out the promo video on YouTube to see the game in action. The quicker you are at diagnosing and treating the animals, the more points you’ll score. Can’t get to all the animals in time? Just try again and build on your skills. Learn about each animal's ailments, diagnostics, and treatments as you race the clock and treat the animals. During the game you'll have the opportunity to treat dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and turtles. 

For the Classroom

Use AVMA Animal Hospital as a fun way for middle school students to learn about science and veterinary medicine. Download Teacher's Guide with Student Materials

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AVMA Animal Hospital was developed by Game Gurus. Development of this video game was funded through a grant provided by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.