Signing in as a Member

The AVMA website offers a wide range of information and services that are available only to AVMA members. If you try to access any of these areas without signing into the site, you will be asked to sign in before you can proceed. Depending on the page or section you are trying to reach, the log-in screen could have several looks. In many instances, the sign-in box will appear below a snippet of the page:

In other instances, you may see only the sign-in fields:

Regardless what the screen looks like, the information you are asked to provide will be the same. You must enter your member ID number and password, and you also will be asked if you would like the website to “remember” you the next time you return.
If you don’t remember your Member ID or your Password, you can have the website send both to you via email if your email address is on file with the AVMA. Just go to, and enter the email address you supplied to us, and we’ll send the information to that address. If we do not have your email address on file, you will need to email us at or call the Membership and Field Services Division at 800-248-2862, ext. 6631.
You also can find your AVMA Member ID number on your AVMA membership card and/or the address label of your journal (JAVMA or AJVR).
Follow the step-by-step instructions below to sign into the website as an AVMA member. If you continue to have trouble, our sign-in help tips should provide the solution you need.

To sign into the website: 

1.    Enter your member ID number in the ID field:

An AVMA Member ID number consists of five or six digits. When signing into the website, you do not need to enter the zeros that may be shown preceding your Member ID number.

2.    Enter your website password in the Password field:

3.    If you would like the website to remember you without having to sign in the next time you visit, check the Remember Me box. If you check this box, the website will remember you for 90 days.

4.    Click on the “Log In” button.

5.    After you sign in, you will be sent to the page you were trying to reach before the sign-in screen was shown to you.
6.    You’ll know that you are signed in if you see:
  • A personalized welcome message at the top of the website greeting you by name
  • A “Sign Out” link to the right of your name (rather than a “Sign In” link)

7.    If you continue to have trouble, use our sign-in help tips for additional advice. 

Change your password

 8.    Now that you’ve logged in, why not take a minute to change your website password? 

A.    Click the Member Center link at the left of the top navigation; then click either of the My Profile links on the page.

B.    Click on Change Password.


C.    Type in your current password and the new password you want to use, re-type the new password, and click on the Submit button to save the change.
NOTE: If you don’t click on the Submit button, your password will not be changed.