Manage Your Discussion Forum Profile

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Your AVMA Discussion Forum profile allows you to add a signature line or profile photo to messages you post, adding a face to your messages and avoiding the need to retype your credentials or contact information over and over. You also can specify a different email address to receive discussion replies, rather than the email address you have provided to AVMA for other communications. Here’s how:

1.    You must already be signed in to the Discussion Forum on If you're not sure how to do that, get sign-in help here.

2.    Locate the purple header bar at the top of any discussion board page. For example, see it here on the main index page for the Discussion Forum:

This is how it appears on a discussion thread:

3.    Locate the Forum Tools button on the right side of the purple header bar.

4.    Mouse over the Forum Tools button, and a dropdown menu will appear. Click on Edit Profile.

5.    You will be taken to the Discussion Forum’s Edit Profile form.

6.    Add a Signature Line: To add a signature that will appear on all messages you post in the forum, click into the Signature field, and type the signature exactly as you would like it to appear.

(NOTE: Your change will not take effect until you click the Update button when you are finished with all edits to your profile.)

7.    Change your Discussion Forum Email Address: The Discussion Forum uses the email address you have given the AVMA as the address to receive any email discussion alerts you sign up for. But you can specify a different email address for discussion alerts, if you would like. Here’s how to tell the Discussion Forum to send alerts to an email address other than the one included in your AVMA member profile.  (NOTE: These steps will only change the email address in your Discussion Forum profile. If you want to change your primary AVMA email address, update it at

  • Locate the E-Mail field on the discussions profile page:

    !! IMPORTANT NOTE: If this field is empty, it means that the AVMA does not have an email address on file for you. Rather than specifying an email address only for the Discussion Forum, please go to to update your member profile to include your email address. This will allow you to sign up for AVMA newsletters and receive other important member communications.
  • To change the email address that is used only by the AVMA Discussion Forum, type into the E-Mail field the new address that you would like to have used for discussion alerts.

    (NOTE: Your change will not take effect until you click the Update button when you are finished with all edits to your profile.)
8.    Add/Change Your Profile Photo: Profile photos in the AVMA Online Discussion Forum are displayed as perfect squares, measuring 70 pixels wide by 70 pixels high. You can upload a photo of a different size, but its proportions will be changed to display as 70x70 pixels, and the image may appear distorted. For this reason, it’s best to use a small square photo for your profile.

To add a photo to your discussion profile OR replace the photo you currently are using, just click on the Choose File button in the “Upload a Photo” field, browse to where you’ve stored the new photo on your computer, and select the photo that you want to use in your profile. Once selected, the path to the new photo will be displayed to the right of the “Choose Photo” button:

(NOTE: Your new photo will not be uploaded until you click the Update button when you are finished with all edits to your profile.)

9.    Before you leave the “Edit Profile” page, be sure to save all of your changes by clicking on the Update button at the lower right side of the page.