Peter Sandøe, PhD

Peter Sandøe, PhDPeter Sandøe has been professor of bioethics at the University of Copenhagen since 1997, presently with his chair divided between the Department of Large Animal Sciences and the Department of Food and Resource Economics. He was educated in philosophy at the University of Copenhagen (master of arts in 1984) and the University of Oxford (doctor of philosophy in 1988).  From 1992 until 2012 he served as chairman of the Danish Ethical Council for Animals, an advisory board set up by the Danish Minister of Justice. From 2000 to 2007 he served as the president of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics. Since 2009 he has been honorary Professor of Animal Ethics at the University of Nottingham. From 1990, most of his research has focused on bioethics with particular emphasis on ethical issues related to animals, biotechnology and food production. He is committed to interdisciplinary approaches that combine the natural sciences, social sciences and philosophy. He has published 99 papers in journals with peer review, provided more than 200 other academic contributions, and authored more than 150 papers aimed at a broader audience. His books include Ethics of Animal Use (co-authored with Stine B. Christiansen), which was published by Blackwell in 2008. He is the co-author of multiple tools for e-learning, including Animal Ethics Dilemma ( He is married to a veterinarian, has two sons, and shares his home with three dogs and a cat.