Ian J. H. Duncan, PhD

Ian J. H. Duncan, PhDIan Duncan was born and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland. He graduated with a bachelor of science (honors) in agriculture from Edinburgh University and went on to study for his doctorate in philosophy in the 1960s at the Poultry Research Centre (PRC), Edinburgh with a topic of frustration and conflict in the domestic fowl. He was thus one of the first people to bring a scientific approach to solving animal welfare problems. He continued to work at the PRC on welfare topics in poultry for 20 years until he emigrated to Canada in 1989. He is professor emeritus and emeritus chair in animal welfare at the University of Guelph. In his research, he is developing methods of “asking” farm animals what they feel about the conditions in which they are kept and the procedures to which they are subjected. He has published more than 150 scientific papers, most of which are connected to animal welfare.