AVMA Annual Economic Summit

October 24-25, 2016
Chicago Marriott Schaumburg




2016 Agenda and Speakers

Understanding the veterinary markets can help you and others you work with operate your business efficiently, effectively and profitably. An informed professional who understands how market forces affect their business ultimately helps these markets operate at peak efficiency, which in turn provides a greater net benefit to the entire profession.

At the AVMA Economic Summit attendees will explore three separate but related markets:

  • The market for veterinary education (veterinary students).
  • The market for veterinarians (employment of veterinarians among various types of employers).
  • The market for veterinary services (demand for services by animal owners).

Should You Attend?

Yes, if you are...

  • A business leader who'd like the latest data on compensation, employment/unemployment, supply and demand for veterinarians, and price and income elasticities for veterinary services.
    • Risk factors and how they influence consumers' demand for veterinary services.
    • The economic impact of zoonotic diseases.
  • A practice owner, associate, or manager who is interested in learning how veterinary markets influence everyday business decisions and intelligence.
    • Managing your practice's finances. 
    • What you need to know about veterinary graduates' perceptions of their work-readiness and competencies.
    • Key factors that affect veterinary compensation.
    • Key factors that affect physical and human resource capacity utilization in veterinary practices.
  • An leader in academia who in interested in learning about economic trends in the veterinary education market.
  • Someone who simply wants a better understanding of the veterinary markets.

Join us to explore how the markets affect you and how you can use that information.

2016 Agenda and Speakers