Scott Spaulding, DVM

Dr. Scott Spaulding​Scott Spaulding, DVM is an Entrepreneur and Inspirational Leader. He is currently an Equine Veterinarian, CEO of Badger Veterinary Hospitals, Management Consultant and Co-Founder of Vet24seven. Dr. Spaulding earned his Bachelor’s Degree and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became partner of Badger Veterinary Hospital in 1996.

​His uncanny business management skills, financial systems acumen, strategic foresight and leadership abilities allow him opportunities to educate, mentor and support entrepreneurs and professional groups seeking to improve profitability and enhance work-life balance. His extensive use of business social media applications brings him recognition as a leading expert in his rapidly changing field.

From the beginning of his career, Dr. Spaulding has been actively involved in local and national organizations. His commitment to his family, his community and his career drives him to make a difference in the organizations he serves.