John Kruse, Ph.D.

Dr. KruseDr. Kruse is the Managing Principal and the Director of Quantitative Analysis at World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services (WAEES). He is responsible for directing a team of agricultural economists that utilize quantitative models to analyze emerging economic, technology, and policy forces shaping global agriculture. His technical skills are focused quantitatively on structural partial equilibrium models, scenario analysis, and case study analysis.

Dr. Kruse worked most of his career at the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri-Columbia where he was co-program director for biofuels and transportation research when he left there in 2007. He has also worked for IHS as the Managing Director of their Agricultural Group and for Pioneer Hi-Bred, International as their Global Market Information Manager.

Dr. Kruse holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics with an emphasis in econometrics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

​Dr. Kruse is from a diversified crops and livestock farm in northeast Missouri.