Poster Abstract: A graduate degree specialization in animal behaviour and welfare—The master of science by coursework and major paper at the University of Guelph


Animal Welfare in Veterinary Medical Education and Research

November 8-11, 2009
The Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at
Michigan State University


Cottee SY, Widowski T
Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare and Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph


Animal welfare is a high priority for the food, laboratory, companion, sport, zoo and various entertainment industries. There is growing pressure for science-based welfare standards and assurance schemes to help these industries demonstrate and promote their quality standards. Animal welfare science is a fast-growing research field that integrates diverse disciplines like genetics, nutrition, behavioural and veterinary sciences. Our program provides a solid foundation in animal welfare science through a core of graduate courses in animal welfare science, ethics, statistics, critical analysis, and welfare assessment, and offers the flexibility of selecting elective courses that complement each student's area of interest. This is combined with practical training and experience through a hands-on, supervised major research project. Our specialized master's program is designed to produce skilled individuals who have a broad understanding of the physical and behavioural requirements of animals managed by humans, as well as the ability to objectively evaluate animal welfare in scientific studies, practical and field settings. Veterinarians are often looked to as authorities on a broad range of animal welfare issues. Our master's can complement their training in veterinary medicine by providing tools that enable them to make informed decisions regarding animal welfare matters. For more information about the program and curriculum details, please visit the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at