Poster Abstract: The Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Medical Education and Research

November 8-11, 2009
The Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at
Michigan State University

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs and Pet Overpopulation Patrol North Carolina (POP-NC) work together to transform North Carolina dogs from being unaltered and continuously chained to being altered and living safely behind secured fences.

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs is an organization, formed in August 2006 and located in the Triangle area of North Carolina, that takes a multi-faceted approach to improving the lives of dogs and bettering communities by: 1) building fences for chained dogs; 2) educating communities on why chaining is cruel and dangerous and raising awareness of the physical, mental, and emotional needs of dogs; and 3) advocating for laws restricting the chaining of dogs.

POP-NC is a mobile spay/neuter clinic founded in 2004, with the mission of ending the primary killer of dogs and cats in the United States – euthanasia – due to overpopulation. To achieve this, POP-NC provides low cost spay/neuter services to both the general public and rescue groups, one being the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

Since the Coalition's inception, POP-NC has spayed and neutered over 200 dogs that have subsequently received Coalition fences. POP-NC and the Coalition have partnered to transform many North Carolina communities in ways larger than simply spaying/neutering and unchaining their dogs. This poster examines the evolution a dog undergoes through the efforts of both organizations and displays the life-altering effects that follow, not only for the dogs and their owners, but for their communities. This poster is neither a strictly informational session on the negative effects of chaining nor a protest against it but rather a display of the evolution of several communities through the bettering of their dogs' lives.