Poster Session – November 9, 2009

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Medical Education and Research

November 8-11, 2009
The Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at
Michigan State University


A poster session was held in conjunction with the opening night's reception on November 9. Its intent was to facilitate networking and share cutting-edge information with others interested in animal welfare education and research.

The following posters were presented (select poster to view abstract):


A graduate degree specialization in animal behavior and welfare—The master of science by coursework and major paper at the University of Guelph
Cottee SY, Widowski T

Student Attitudes Toward Animal Welfare and Related Education
Johnson CL, Golab GC, Shepherd AJ, SAVMA

A comparison of veterinary students enrolled and not enrolled in an animal welfare course
Lord LK, Walker JL, Croney C, Golab GC

Current concepts in simulation for veterinary technology education
Peter KM

Learning animal welfare in a student-centered curriculum
Peralta JM

The Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, University of Guelph:Promoting animal welfare through research and education
Sheppard KC, Widowski TM, Haley DB

Pennsylvania Dairy Animal Care and Well-being Program provides model to meet National Dairy Well-being Initiative guidelines
Wolfgang DR, Hovingh EP, Bunting S, Munson R, Frey J, Bair A, Slayton P, Bower L, Bittner P


Low-cost spay/neuter research in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Benka V

Dangerous, wild or exotic animal ownership and its relationship to animal hoarding
Martell J

Effects of lidocaine and flunixin meglumine on pain after dehorning in dairy calves
Reynolds JP, Lehenbauer TW, Weibe B

Evaluation of the Alberta modified atmosphere chamber for humane depopulation of commercial poultry
Sulima K, Hunter DB, Dam A, Hill J, Chiappetta ME, Turner PV

The welfare of dairy calves—Effects of ad libitum milk replacer intake on calf performance and rumen papillae development
Todd CG, DeVriesTJ, Leslie KE, Sargeant JM, Anderson NG, Millman ST


The Coalition to Unchain Dogs and Pet Overpopulation Patrol North Carolina
Barthelemy M

Nepal animal birth control/anti-rabies research
Benka V

Legislative dog welfare standards—A review
Colonius T

Animal welfare-friendly surgery training in veterinary education
Krebsbach SB