Who Should Attend VLC?

Veterinary Professionals

Veterinarians, Technicians, Practice Managers, Students, Association Executives and other industry professionals interested in developing their leadership skills for their professional and personal development.​​

Emerging Leaders

Veterinarians that are AVMA members whom are 5-15 years post-graduation and recent graduates 0-5 years post-graduation who are interested in developing their leadership skills. The AVMA will reimburse airfare/mileage and up to three nights hotel room and tax for one Emerging leader from each state/constituent association in the HOD.  Registration fees are not reimbursed by the AVMA, please check with your state/constituent association for more information on how to be selected. 

Veterinary Students

One student from each of the veterinary colleges represented in the SAVMA House of Delegates is invited to participate in the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference.  The Student AVMA will cover registration, airfare/mileage and up to three nights shared hotel room and tax.  Selection of the student from each veterinary college will be through an application process administered by the SAVMA Executive Board. Applications will​ open this fall.

State VMA & Allied Organization Representatives

Representatives​ from each association represented in the AVMA HOD who are interested in developing their leadership skills. Associations are encouraged to send their Executive Director, Public Relations Representative, President, President-Elect or other staff/volunteer member of the State or Allied Organization. AVMA will pay half of the travel for two representatives from each association in the HOD.  Registration fees are not reimbursed by the AVMA.


The AVMA is a federation of 68 state, territorial and allied veterinary medical groups. Association policies are set by a House of Delegates, made up of one delegate and one alternate delegate from each organization represented. Delegates and Alternate Delegates attending the HOD Winter Session. AVMA pays for HOD airfare/mileage and up to three nights hotel room and tax.  Registration is complimentary for Delegates and Alternate Delegates.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administrative body of the Association. The 16-member board is comprised of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Treasurer (non-voting) and of one representative from each of 11 geographic districts elected by the veterinarians residing in those areas.

House Advisory Committee

The House Advisory Committee consists of seven members elected by the House of Delegates to advise and make recommendations to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors, and to review and approve the credentials of candidates for President, President-Elect, Vice President, councils, and the House Advisory Committee.

Questions? Contact us at vlc@avma.org

A special thank you to Zoetis for their continued support of VLC and their commitment to the veterinary profession.
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