Become a Dynamic Leader through Building Cultural Competencies

by Rosalie Chamberlain
1.5 CE Hours (per workshop)

Saturday January 5, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

 Rosalie Chamberlain

Dynamic leaders have a great sense of awareness, and they continually increase their awareness of self and others. They build on their cultural competencies by understanding the impact of culture on communication, engagement and performance. They help create culturally competent organizations.

These leaders are excited about differences and similarities because they see the potential to leverage strengths and create teams that think more broadly and achieve outstanding results through collaboration and energy. They have the energy to lead others by helping to envision, empower and embrace the uniqueness of the individuals on their teams. They help others achieve success and they help build environments that are inclusive and enable others to give their best. They strive to create organizations that encourage 100% from everyone 100% of the time.

They do much more than manage the multicultural diversity of their teams because they empower the individuals through inclusive behavior that encourages engagement and contribution. They welcome and encourage multiple perspectives because they believe that together we can create a more productive and powerful outcome. Inclusion drives performance, which equals success.

Dynamic leaders are aware of their own thoughts and behaviors. They welcome fresh ways to approach situations that others perceive as problems because they see them as opportunities. They explore their own bias and understand the impact of bias on others, performance and the organization.

Benefits of attending this interactive workshop include gaining:

  • Awareness of cultural identify and values
    • Greater awareness of organizational cultural issues
  • Tools for building self-awareness
    •  Understanding assumptions, bias and stereotypes
  • Tools for improved communication
  • Tips for effective peer coaching
  • Skills for creating an environment of inclusion

About Rosalie

The Director of Rosalie Chamberlain Consulting LLC, Rosalie Chamberlain believes that building cultural competency is critical to the success of any leader—and any organization. She is a Certified Professional Coach and a skilled consultant and facilitator in the area of diversity and inclusion strategy, multicultural competency, coaching and facilitation of diversity, and inclusion education. Rosalie brings unique experience and perspective to creating successful diversity and inclusion initiatives, based upon a 28-year foundation of law firm and corporate experience, and having served as a Diversity and Inclusion Manager. She has worked with a range of government and private industries and associations, both large and small. For the past two years, Rosalie has facilitated the Cultural Sensitivity and the Clinical Proficiency Examination (CPE) sessions, which are an integral component of examiners’ training workshops administered by the AVMA’s Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG).
Rosalie is a Cornell University ILR Certified Diversity Professional Advanced Practitioner (CCDP/AP). She also completed the American Institute for Managing Diversity’s Diversity Leadership Academy, and is a Supporter of the Center for Legal Inclusiveness and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In 2009, Rosalie was the recipient of the Alston & Bird LLP Diversity Leadership Award, an annual award presented to an attorney or staff member whose extraordinary efforts go above and beyond to further the diversity efforts of the firm.
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