Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative

Gender and Generational Diversity in your VMA Governance: Why it is Important to Engage Women and Early Career Veterinarians in your Association Leadership

Saturday January 10, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm & 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Studies show that more diverse boards are more successful and we will discuss ways you can improve your association and increase member participation. Learn to recognize the fundamental differences between male and female communication and leadership styles as well as the keys to successfully balancing both leadership styles in decision-making roles will be highlighted. Presented by several female and male veterinarians who have forged pathways to leadership in our VMAs. From the local and national organized veterinary medicine arenas, these veterinarians found value in serving their associations and can share the challenges they see for the next generation of veterinarians to follow in their footsteps.

WVLDI Speakers

Morning session speakers:
Dr. Karen Bradley
Dr. Stacy Pritt
Dr. Lori Teller

Afternoon session speakers:
Dr. Douglas Aspros
Dr. Rene Carlson
Dr. Eva Evans


A special thank you to Zoetis for their continued support of VLC and their commitment to the veterinary profession.

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