Jeff Thoren, DVM, ACC, BCC

Dr. Jeff Thoren

Coaching Skills: An Essential Leadership Competency
Saturday January 10, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Companies large and small are hungry for innovation and are seeking to create sustainable workplace cultures that enable creativity, collaboration, and accountability. One way to do this is through coaching. Leaders in many organizations are finding that using a coach-like approach is an effective way to bring out the best in their people, to stimulate engagement and productivity, and to create high performance teams. Coaching skills are increasingly recognized as an essential competency to facilitate learning and positive change. This session will introduce you to how you can become a more coach-like leader

Extraordinary Teams - How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results
Saturday January 10, 1:30 – 3:00 pm

What sets extraordinary teams apart from the rest? Yes, extraordinary teams have the ability to achieve tangible results. But what makes them so spectacular is that they do something ordinary teams cannot: They cultivate an exciting, collaborative environment that’s built upon mutual trust, respect, and engagement. As team members, individuals experience a positive personal change – and that means your organization reaps the benefits of better team performance and employees with increased skills, connections, loyalty, and enthusiasm for their work. In this session, you will look through the lens of exceptional teaming and learn how to lead, facilitate, and coach teams to their highest potential.

About Jeff

Jeff works with leaders throughout the United States specializing in coaching individuals who want to increase their leadership effectiveness and teams that want to boost their productivity and move from ordinary to extraordinary.
He is the founder of Gifted Leaders, LLC, an established business/executive coaching and organization development consultancy based in Metro Phoenix, AZ, serving clients nationwide. His work there focuses on equipping clients to realize their full potential through customized training and coaching programs, helping technical professionals to balance their functional expertise with the collaborative skills required for individual and organizational success.

Jeff has worked with a wide range of leaders from small business owners to executive level leaders in multi-million dollar companies. He has over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries including veterinary medicine, healthcare, management consulting, construction services, financial services, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Jeff’s passion for leadership and effective organizational culture developed over a professional career that includes experience in both private and corporate sectors. He worked as an associate veterinarian in small animal practice in western Washington from 1984-87. In 1987, he left private practice to serve as a Professional Service Representative with Hill's Pet Nutrition. He stayed with Hill's until 1994 when he joined Novartis Animal Health as the Regional Technical Manager for the Pacific Sales Region before moving to Greensboro, NC as Associate Manager of Professional Services in 1995. He became Manager of Professional Services in 1998. From October 2000 until June 2005, Jeff served as the Director of Professional Recruitment and Development for Pet’s Choice, Inc., a family of 46 community veterinary hospitals and specialty practices in five U.S. States.

Jeff is a graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science (1981) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (1984). He received his coach training through the Adler School of Professional Coaching in 2006 and is certified through both the International Coach Federation (ACC) and Center for Credentialing & Education (BCC). Jeff is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Team Emotional & Social Intelligence survey (TESI®) and regularly uses other assessments including the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI®), Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths, and StrengthsFinder 2.0.


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