Handling Puppies and Kittens to be Stress-Free as Adults

Event name: Handling Puppies and Kittens to be Stress-Free as Adults
Start date:2/21/2018
End date:2/21/2018
Location:Gaitherberg, MD, United States
Contact:Pam Runquist
Phone number:530 759-8106
Email address:mailto:prunquist@hsvma.org
Web site:Click here to go to the website
Description:Dr. Dunbar will discuss: How to convince human clients of the importance and urgency of early socialization and handling; Accelerated Classical Conditioning techniques for the first clinic visit; Lure/reward training techniques to increase confidence in all animals; An understanding of how neonatal handling and early sociailization affect developmental neuroanatomy and how neuroanatomy influences behavior, tractability and temperament.
CE Hours:1.5
Event ID:38546
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