State Veterinary Medical Associations

Alabama Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director
8116 Old Federal Rd Ste C
Montgomery, AL 36117
Mailing Address:
PO Box 3514
Montgomery, AL, 36109
Phone: 334-395-0086
Fax: 334-270-3399
Web site:

Alaska State Veterinary Medical Association

Vicki Smith, Executive Director
1841 West Secluded Court
Kuna, ID, 83634
Phone: 208-922-9431
Fax: 208-992-9435
Web site:

Arizona Veterinary Medical Association

Emily Kane, Executive Director
100 W. Coolidge St.
Phoenix, AZ, 85013
Phone: 602-242-7936
Fax: 602-249-3828
Web site:

Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association

Maggie Milligan, Executive Director
PO Box 17687
Little Rock, AR, 72222-7687
Phone: 501-868-3036
Fax: 501-868-3034
Web site:

California Veterinary Medical Association

Valerie Fenstermaker, Executive Director
1400 River Park Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA, 95815-4505
Phone: 800-655-2862, ext. 32
Fax: 916-646-9156
Web site:

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

Ralph Johnson, Executive Director
191 Yuma Street
Denver, CO, 80223
Phone: 303-318-0447
Fax: 303-318-0450
E-mail: or
Web site:

Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association

Simon Flynn, Executive Director
PO Box 1058
Glastonbury, CT, 06033
Phone: 860-635-7770
Fax: 860-659-8772
Web site:

Delaware Veterinary Medical Association

Coreen Haggerty, Executive Director
c/o Lums Pond Animal Hospital
3052 Wrangle Hill Road
Bear, DE, 19701
Phone: 302-383-9476
Web site:

District of Columbia Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Ashley Morgan, Executive Director
1910 Sunderland Place NW
Washington, DC, 20036
Phone: 202-223-4878
Web site:

Florida Veterinary Medical Association

Phil Hinkle, Executive Director
7131 Lake Ellenor Dr
Orlando, FL, 32809-5738
Phone: 407-851-3862
Fax: 407-240-3710
Web site:

Georgia Veterinary Medical Association

Susan Blevins, Executive Director
233 Peachtree St., N.E. Ste 2205
Atlanta, GA, 30303
Phone: 678-309-1135
Fax: 678-309-3361
Web site:

Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Eric Ako, Executive Vice President
4400 Kalanianaole Hwy, Suite 6
Honolulu, HI, 96821
Phone: 808-733-8828
Fax: 808-733-8829
Web site:

Idaho Veterinary Medical Association

Vicki Smith, Executive Director
1841 West Secluded Court
Kuna, ID, 83634
Phone: 208-922-9431
Fax: 208-992-9435
Web site:

Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association

Debbie Lakamp, Assistant Executive Director
1121 Chatham Rd.
Springfield, IL, 62704
Phone: 217-546-8381
Fax: 217-546-5633
E-mail: or
Web site:

Indiana Veterinary Medical Association

Lisa Perius, Executive Director
201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 405
Indianapolis, IN, 46225
Phone: 317-974-0888
Fax: 317-974-0985
Web site:

Iowa Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Randy Wheeler, Executive Director
1605 N. Ankeny Blvd., Suite 110
Ankeny, IA, 50023
Phone: 515-965-9237
Fax: 515-965-9239
Web site:

Kansas Veterinary Medical Association

Megan Kilgore , Executive Director
816 SW Tyler, Suite 200
Topeka, KS, 66612-1635
Phone: 785-234-0461
Fax: 785-233-2534
Web site:

Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association

Louise Cook, Executive Director
108 Consumer Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601
Mailing Address:
PO Box 4067
Frankfort, KY, 40604-4067
Phone: 502-226-KVMA (5862)
Fax: 502-226-6177
Web site:

Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association

Bland O' Connor, Executive Director
8550 United Plaza Blvd, Suite 1001
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
Phone: 225-928-5862
Fax: 225-408-4622
Web site:

Maine Veterinary Medical Association

William Bell, Executive Director
97A Exchange Street, Suite 305
Portland, ME, 04101
Phone: 207-752-1392
Fax: 207-284-5772
Web site:

Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

Lauren Michalski, Executive Director
PO Box 5407
Annapolis, MD, 41403
Phone: 410-268-1311
Web site:

Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association

Susan Curtis, Executive Director
163 Lakeside Avenue
Marlborough, MA, 01752-4554
Phone: 508-460-9333
Fax: 508-460-9969
Web site:

Michigan Veterinary Medical Association

Karlene Belyea, Executive Director
2144 Commons Pkwy.
Okemos, MI, 48864-3986
Phone: 517-347-4710
Fax: 517-347-4666
Web site:

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

Dan Tjornehoj, Executive Director
101 Bridgepoint Way, Suite 100
South Saint Paul, MN, 55075
Phone: 651-645-7533
Fax: 651-645-7539
Web site:

Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association

DeAnna Dillard, Executive Director
PO Box 395
Clinton, MS, 39060
Phone: 662-323-5057
Web site:

Missouri Veterinary Medical Association

Richard Antweiler, Executive Director
2500 Country Club Drive
Jefferson City, MO, 65109
Phone: 573-636-8612
Fax: 573-659-7175
Web site:

Montana Veterinary Medical Association

Stuart Doggett, Executive Secretary
7W 6th Ave, Ste 41
Helena, MT 59601
Mailing Address:
PO Box 6322
Helena, MT, 59604
Phone: 406-447-4259
Fax: 409-442-8018
Web site:

Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association

Dina Michel, Executive Director
PO Box 637
Hastings, NE, 68902
Phone: 402-463-4704
Fax: 402-463-4705
Web site:

Nevada Veterinary Medical Association

Michelle Wagner, Executive Director
PO Box 34420
Reno, NV, 89533
Phone: 775-324-5344
Fax: 775-747-9170
Web site:

New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association

Linda Baines, Executive Director
PO Box 4017
Concord, NH, 03302
Phone: 603-774-8021
Fax: 603-774-8022
Web site:

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association

Richard Alampi, Executive Director
390 Amwell Road, Suite 403
Hillsborough, NJ, 08844
Phone: 908-281-0918
Fax: 908-450-1286
Web site:

New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association

Tamara Spooner, Executive Director
60 Placitas Trails Rd
Placitas, NM, 87043
Phone: 505-867-6373
Fax: 505-771-8963
Web site:

New York State Veterinary Medical Society

Jennifer Mauer, Executive Director
100 Great Oaks Blvd.
Suite 127
Albany, NY, 12203
Phone: 518-869-7867
Fax: 518-869-7868
Web site:

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

Claire Holley, Executive Director
1611 Jones Franklin Rd #108
Raleigh, NC, 27606
Phone: 919-851-5850
Fax: 919-851-5859
Web site:

North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association

Tracy Thomas, Administrative Assistant
921 S. 9th St., Suite 120
Bismarck, ND, 58504
Phone: 701-221-7740
Fax: 701-258-9005
Web site:

Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

Jack Advent, Executive Director
1472 Manning Pkwy
Powell, OH, 43065
Phone: 614-436-1300
Fax: 614-436-1301
Web site:

Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

Jana Black, Executive Director
PO Box 14521
Oklahoma City, OK, 73113
Phone: 405-478-1002
Fax: 405-478-7193
Web site:

Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

Glenn Kolb, Executive Director
1880 Lancaster Dr., NE, Suite 118
Salem, OR, 97305
Phone: 503-399-0311
Fax: 503-363-4218
Web site:

Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association

Charlene Wandzilak, Executive Director
8574 Paxton St
Hummelstown, PA, 17036
Phone: 717-220-1437
Fax: 717-220-1461
Web site:

Puerto Rico Veterinary Medical Association

Evymarie Miro, Administrative Officer
352 Ave San Claudio, Ste 248
San Juan, PR, 00926-4107
Phone: 787-283-0565
Fax: 787-761-3440
Web site:

Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association

Betsy Grenier, Executive Director
302 Pearl St., #108
Providence, RI, 02907
Phone: 401-751-0944
Fax: 401-780-0940
Web site:

South Carolina Association of Veterinarians

Marie Queen, Executive Director
1215 Anthony Ave
Columbia, SC 29201
Mailing Address:
PO Box 11766
Columbia, SC, 29211
Phone: 803-254-1027
Fax: 803-254-3773
Web site:

South Dakota Veterinary Medical Association

Jennifer Stalley, Executive Director
Midwest Solutions
PO Box 244
Pierre, SD, 57501
Phone: 605-280-5714
Fax: 605-945-4265
Web site:

Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association

Deloris Green, Executive Director
P.O. Box 803
Fayetteville, TN, 37334
Phone: 800-697-3587
Fax: 931-433-6289
Web site:

Texas Veterinary Medical Association

Chris Copeland, Executive Director
8104 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX, 78754
Phone: 512-452-4224
Fax: 512-452-6633
Web site:

Utah Veterinary Medical Association

Katie Park, Executive Secretary
PO Box 1041
Springville, UT, 84663
Phone: 801-377-2890
Fax: 801-377-2893
Web site:

Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

Kathryn Finnie, Executive Director
88 Beech Street
Essex Junction, VT, 05452
Phone: 802-878-6888
Fax: 802-878-2871
Web site:

Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

Robin Schmitz, Executive Director
3801 Westerre Parkway, Suite D
Henrico, VA, 23233
Phone: 804-346-2611
Fax: 804-346-2655
Web site:

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association

Candace Joy, Executive Vice President
8024 Bracken Place SE
Snoqualmie, WA, 98065
Phone: 425-396-3191
Fax: 425-396-3192
Web site:

West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

Kitty Ball, Executive Director
3801 Westerre Parkway, Suite D
Henrico, VA, 23233
Phone: 804-346-0170
Fax: 804-346-2655
Web site:

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association

Kim Brown Pokorny, Executive Director
2801 Crossroads Drive, Suite 1200
Madison, WI, 53718
Phone: 608-257-3665
Fax: 608-257-8989
Web site:

Wyoming Veterinary Medical Association

Vicki Smith, Executive Director
1841 West Secluded Court
Kuna, ID, 83634
Phone: 208-992-9431
Fax: 208-922-9435
Web site:

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