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 State Legislative Update February 2013

State Legislative Update
Prepared by Department of State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
AVMA Communications Division
February 14, 2013
State Legislative Chart February 2013
With legislatures currently convened in 48 states and the District of Columbia, the volume of bills introduced during this period of the year is very heavy. A sample of recently-introduced measures includes:
  • Alabama HB 17, HB 188, SB 25, Kansas SB 57 and South Carolina S 194, H 3492 would provide for regulation of animal shelters, rescue networks and limited spay-neuter facilities.
  • Kentucky HB 195 would allow a court to direct the care, custody, or control of pets in domestic violence orders.
  • Maryland HB 78 and SB 160 would overturn the effect of a recent court decision and re-establish the common law providing that owners of real property have the right to control the presence of a dog on their property without regard to its breed or heritage.
  • Minnesota HF 391 would provide for regulation of public and private sheltering agencies.
  • Missouri SB 146, SB 233, HB 347 and Pennsylvania HB 317 would establish prescription drug monitoring programs for prescribing and dispensing certain controlled substances.
  • Montana HB 133 would allow certified chiropractors to work on animals if the animal patient and its owner have an established professional relationship with a veterinarian and there is ongoing communication between the veterinarian and chiropractor.
  • New Mexico HB 170 would grant a limited exemption from licensure to veterinarians authorized to practice in another jurisdiction who provide voluntary services in underserved areas in the state.
  • New York SB 2742 would include treatment of dental conditions in the definition of veterinary medicine but exempt persons who float teeth of horses.
  • Oklahoma HB 1359 would extend licensure and inspection requirements for pet breeders to animal shelters.
  • Oregon HB 2623 would create a veterinary loan repayment program for veterinarians who agree to work in areas with limited access to veterinary services for large animals or public health.
  • Pennsylvania HB 512 would adopt the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act.
  • Rhode Island H 5287 and S 178 would impose restrictions on pit bull ownership by requiring registration, confinement and proof of financial responsibility.
  • South Dakota SB 161 would allow a person to perform equine teeth-floating services with certification and supervision of a veterinarian.
  • Tennessee HB 572, SB 1070 and Wisconsin AB 3, SB 7 would exempt veterinarians from the requirements of their states’ prescription drug-monitoring program.
  • Washington HB 1186 and SB 5102 would provide veterinarians with immunity from liability for reporting suspected animal cruelty in good faith and in the normal course of business.
  • Washington HB 1787 would prohibit the docking of a cow’s tail except under certain conditions to saving the animal's life or relieving its pain in an emergency.
In addition, other popular topics for bill introduction this year include requiring labeling for genetically-modified food, establishing animal abuse registries, and regulating dog and cat breeding and retail sale operations.
New equine interstate travel permit
Fifteen states have agreed on a new interstate travel permit for horse events. The Equine Interstate Event Permit allows horses and their owners to travel to events in participating states for six months. The permit can be obtained from an accredited veterinarian and be used in lieu of a 30-day certificate of veterinary inspection. The participating states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.
Did you know?
As Congress began a new session, 42 senators and 219 representatives are former state legislators. These numbers are consistent with the approximately 50% average experienced over the last several decades. 
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State Legislative Chart February 2013