Your Guide to the AVMA-CAN Government Action Center

 How can I show support for an issue?
As an advocate, you can show your support for an issue in a number of ways. One of the best ways to show support is by informing your elected officials of your opinion. By sharing your personal experiences with policy makers in an organized and thoughtful way, you can raise your representative's awareness of the issue's impact on their constituents. 

How can my one voice make a difference?
Don't underestimate your influence. Grassroots efforts, such as the AVMA-CAN, are based on the power of many people acting individually to influence legislation. It's similar to moving a heavy object – one person alone may not be able to move it very far, but many people moving it in the same direction can be very effective. As a veterinarian, you are a respected member of society and your opinion and experience count – but only if you communicate them to your representatives.
What tools are available to help me influence the legislative process?
The AVMA-CAN Government Action Center combines up-to-the-minute legislative data with simple tools to make it easy for you to make a difference in the political process. Our online grassroots toolkit contains easy-to-use forms that allow you to contact legislators about the issues that matter to you and to the veterinary profession. It doesn't take much of your time, and you won't even need a stamp!

What is an Action Alert?
An Action Alert is an emailed call to action for you, our grassroots advocate. It's a signal that there's a piece of legislation pending that could impact you, and you have an opportunity to influence the outcome. When you receive an Action Alert via email, it will have links for you to click that take you to the summary of the issue and to the toolkit that walks you through the process every step of the way. These alerts both keep you up to date on the latest developments on Capitol Hill, but also help influence legislation by empowering you to become grassroots advocates.

Where can I find Action Alerts?
All AVMA Action Alerts are in our Legislative Alerts and Updates section, where you can view the current issues and choose the issue(s) you wish to take action on.

Do I have to personalize my message?
No, you don't. However, personalization does make a big difference. In just one or two lines, you can show your passion and provide new and unique insight on the issue. Staffers want to know how the issues affect their constituents. Break it down for them and illustrate how this issue impacts their constituents and you're more likely to get their attention...and get the action you want.

Take Action

It's easy to send personalized communications to policy makers using our online Action Alerts. We'll guide you through an easy four-step process to contact your elected officials:

  • Step 1: Go to the AVMA-CAN Government Action Center
  • Step 2: Select the tab 'Issues and Legislation' (third from the left) and then select Legislative Alerts and Updates (the one at the top, with the big "Alert!" symbol) and choose the legislation that interests you by clicking on it.
  • Step 3: Enter your zip code to easily find your representatives. When the letter is displayed, choose the reps to whom you want to send the letter, use the suggested text or add to the letter to create a more personal message, enter your sender information, and click on any other issues you want to receive alerts about in the future.
  • Step 4: Send your message to your member(s) of Congress. After sending your message, a confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail account.

The AVMA-CAN Government Action Center has resources to help you locate your elected officials and stay up-to-date on the legislation that affects you and your profession.

Find Your Elected Officials

Take advantage of the most comprehensive directory of elected officials. 

Search by ZIP Code or State

Use the interactive map to find your elected officials. Simply enter your ZIP code or click on your state to find your representative. From there, you can easily select a legislator and view their bio page. 

View the Legislative Bio Page

Each bio page includes a legislator's photo, contact info, voting history, co-sponsorship status, committee membership, biographical data, party affiliation, and PAC contributions.  

Stay Informed

Get an alert when your involvement can make a critical difference. Sign up for AVMA-CAN Action Alerts (delivered via email) and follow AVMA-CAN on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know with the legislation that affects you and your profession. 

Monitor Key Legislation

Stay on top of important legislation in our industry by visiting the "Issues and Legislation" section of our Web site.

Legislative Alerts and Updates

This is where you can find AVMA Action Alerts and make an impact by contacting your legislators. 

Current Legislation

Read bill summaries, AVMA issues briefs, and view lists of cosponsors for our legislation.

Key Votes

Stay current on important votes that have taken place. View the full vote tally for highlighted legislation. View the voting scorecard for legislators to see where they stand on AVMA's issues.  

Capitol Hill Basics

Read tips about communicating with Members of Congress, general information about Capitol Hill staffers, the legislative process and more.

Spread the Word– Recruit friends and colleagues to participate in our advocacy efforts!

Bookmark and share Action Alerts with friends across the Web. While taking action, simply click on the "Bookmark" button, select your favorite social networking site, and share AVMA Action Alerts with friends and colleagues. 


Send an e-mail to your friends and colleagues notifying them of our issues and recruit them to visit our new online resource.