National Issues

Congressional Activities

The AVMA's Governmental Relations Division advocates the Association's policies and positions on federal legislative and regulatory issues that influence animal and human health and advance the veterinary medical profession.

Here you can find out about the legislative issues the AVMA is currently working on, tools for tracking bills and contacting Congress, and other resources to keep you on top of federal activities that impact the veterinary profession.

Federal Regulatory Activities

The U.S. Congress creates laws and delegates authority for implementation of the laws to federal regulatory agencies. The agencies then draft regulations for implementing the laws, and this process involves a public comment period. On behalf of members, the AVMA monitors, reviews, and responds to proposals made by federal regulatory agencies and published within the Federal Register that impact the profession and the practice of veterinary medicine.

Get Involved

Have you ever wished you could have an impact on the future of animal and human health along with the veterinary medical profession? Your veterinary expertise helps the nation's decision-makers shape public policy to preserve the future of veterinary medicine.

Learn about the oppurtunities AVMA offers, from student externships, the AVMA Congressional Fellowship program or get in touch with your congressional representatives from home through the AVMA-Can Government Action Center.

Other National Activities

The AVMA engages in direct dialogue with nationwide non-profit organizations, as well as academic centers and companies, as part of AVMA's advocacy on national issues concerning the veterinary profession. The AVMA continually reaches out to these stakeholders to encourage non-profit, academic, and corporate development of policies and standards that will promote animal health and public health and that will benefit the practice of veterinary medicine.