The AVMA Advocate - Top 10 Things Going on in Washington, D.C. - January 2012

  1. AVMA staff attends agriculture, rural leaders' summit in Washington, D.C.
  2. President Obama delivers State of the Union, focuses on economy
  3. AVMA joins small business groups encouraging support for internet sales tax fairness
  4. AVMA prepares for February 2012 Student Legislative Fly-In
  5. AVMA GRD attends NAVC, garners more grassroots opposition to H.R. 1406 the Fairness to Pet Owners Act
  6. AVMA GRD continues H.R. 1406 outreach, readies for pending Senate introduction
  7. AVMA GRD staff talks with emerging leaders at Veterinary Leadership Conference, continues grassroots outreach
  8. Second session of Congress begins
  9. 2012 election season heats up following Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries
  10. Congress struggles with how to legislate in 2012